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  • Stem Cells, Tissue Repair and Cutaneous Aging-Summer 2011
  • Prevention: Top Priority for the 30 and Under Skincare Market-September 2011
  • When Skin Needs Another Chance-October 2011
  • Anti-Microbial Defense-December 2011
  • Social Stress, Chronic Inflammation and the Onset of Premature Age Spots-January 2012
  • Mitostime, a Multifunctional Anti-Ager-February 2012
  • Immediate and Sustained Visible Wrinkle Reduction-March 2012
  • Film Formers and Thickeners From Global Seven-April 2012
  • Two unique ExoPolySaccharides (EPS) for an immediate facial anti-wrinkle effect and an immediate facial matting effect with significant surface sebum reduction on oily skin-May 2012
  • Skin Sensitivity and Environmental Defense-Aug 2012
  • Barnet Boosters: Enhancement of the Delivery of Actives-Sep 2012
  • Hair Loss Prevention and Sebum Regulation-Dec 2012
  • CC Creams-Dec 2012
  • Fight Sagging Skin-Jan 2013
  • Rejuvenate and Boost Epidermal and Dermal Stem Cells-March 2013
  • Barnet Products Multi-Functional BB Creams-March 2013
  • New Material from Barnet Products with In-Vivo Test for Collagen-May 2013
  • Enhance Delivery of Actives-September 2013
  • Repair DNA after UV, Oxidative, and Pollution Damage-October 2013




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