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Laurichem's specialty is to provide custom solutions to keep you ahead of global market trends. Our partners deliver innovative ingredients and emerging technologies for the face, body, hair and scalp. Their products range from moisturizers to the very latest in anti-aging technology. We bring specialty ingredients which provide the skin and hair with essential nutrients for repair and maintenance needed for its healthy condition. The main focus is on conceptual ingredients tested in-vivo and in-vitro. Our exclusive sales partners have offices in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.

We provide sources of natural bioactives and naturally based products based on many years of biodiversity study of marine actives from Brittany France to botanicals collected from the Brazilian rain forest. We can provide a wide variety of antioxidants as well as novel methods for anti-aging. Moisturization can be assisted at multiple levels or Laurichem can help your formulation with sebum control. For hair, we enhance volume and shine, protect from the sun and everyday stresses, reduce frizz, and deliver sensual aesthetics.

Laurichem represents unique producers of specialty surfactants. Complementing their product line is the flexibility to make variations of products to suit customer specifications. Included in the product line are a wide range of special esters and oils, emulsifiers, solubilizers, dispersing agents, foaming agents and detergents, conditioners, liposomes, emulsifying waxes, pearls and unique system formers. We seek to increase formulation versatility while enhancing aesthetics in skin, hair and color cosmetic products.

Additionally, we offer a repertoire of castor polyesters and silicones, mineral and powder additives, surface treated powders and aliphatic hydrocarbons ranging from highly volatile low viscosity liquids to non-volatile viscous materials. Our inventive products scatter light, hide small discolorations, and optically make pores seem smaller. We bring products that make the skin feel soft, eliminate shine, and give a subtle glow. We work to maximize play time and payoff of color cosmetics.

The specialty wax additives include a full range of non-irritating exfoliating scrubs. We offer a wide selection of particle size distributions that allow the formulator great flexibility in controlling the degree of abrasiveness and scrubbing action that is desired. We also provide colored beads, microencapsulation of oils and powders for unique visual effects and warming agents to boost microcirculation of skin.

Laurichem allows you access to the latest technology, providing formulators with ingredients that will lead their field for tomorrow's specialized markets for cosmetic and personal care products.