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Laurichem's philosophy is to partner with its customers. As the head of Laurichem, Laura commonly joins "brainstorming" sessions bringing her 25 years of experience to provide the latest active ingredients to enhance your products. First you dream it and then together we create it.

In the field of cosmetics and personal care it means providing sensuous aesthetics with efficient delivery of ingredients. Others require the latest technologies to slow the aging process. Laurichem is a way of bringing new concepts to your products. Whether creating a cream to prevent aging or a new hair technology, Laurichem's brings a highly personalized approach to every project. This results in a product like no other with a combination of ingredients uniquely yours.

Industrial applications find that Laurichem's actives can bring significant benefit to products in a cost effective manner. Car care products, specialty lubricants, polishes, and cleaning products have all found benefit in Laurichem's wide range of products.

We start by asking questions and listening carefully to your answers. Then we put our creative talent to work for you drawing on our ingredients suppliers from around the world. We provide personalized service from initial concept through final execution. Our breadth of expertise is matched by the enthusiasm we bring to your project and our commitment to its success.

Our staff is focused on the traditional values of responsive, knowledgeable customer service. Service starts with our people, who are well trained, professional, and dedicated to the industries we service.

We combine innovative specialty ingredients and a strong focus on customer service.